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Applications for booking should be made via AirBnB. They can only be accepted from Friday to Friday, except off-season from Nov 1 to Feb 28 when partial weeks are possible.
  1. Bookings made more than four weeks in advance require a one-third deposit. The balance is due four weeks before your holiday commences. Bookings made four weeks or less before arrival require full payment. In the event of cancellation the deposit will be returned if the premises are re-let without loss, but not otherwise.
  2. Premises must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure. Premises may be occupied from 2:00pm on the day of arrival.
  3. Premises are fully serviced and checked between lettings. Any damage to the premises or equipment is fully chargeable to the tenant.
  4. The maximum number of residents is four and this number may not be exceeded except by arrangement.
  5. Tenants must observe the General Regulations of the Estate, a copy of which is on display in 20 Barnaloft.
  6. Cars may not be parked in the courtyard except for unloading and loading.
  7. No pets please.
  8. No smoking.
  9. Breach of any of these conditions shall entitle the Landlord to resume possession forthwith.
  10. The property is to be left clean and tidy upon departure.
Please note that 20 Barnaloft is not suitable for small children.

The Management Company for the building also requests the following:

Our lease sets out the general Regulations for living here but we would like to stress the following points; any complaints on the following issues will result in the flat owner breaking the leasing agreement and the tenant will need to be evicted:

  1. TVs and radios etc. should not be audible outside any flat.
  2. Every effort should be made to keep noise down generally inside flats and in the common areas to ensure it does not affect other flat owners.
  3. Animals belonging to owners may only be kept in flats subject to prior permission of the Directors and, on no account may animals be kept in the Complex by holidaymakers/visitors. Consent may be withdrawn if a pet becomes a nuisance.
  4. There is a bin store and bins must not be stored in any other external areas.
  5. No bicycles, furniture, building material or any personal possessions should be left on the walkways or in the external grounds of the building.
  6. Care should be taken to keep the common areas, including the stairs, clean and free of litter.
  7. Each flat owner is entitled to ONE vehicle and ONLY in his/her designated space. The consent of the owners to borrow or rent unused spaces must be gained. NO parking is allowed on the driveway, courtyard or Barnaloft turning circle at any time.
  8. The water must be turned off if the flat is left unoccupied for more than one week.
  9. If you see anyone committing any damage to the property or the surrounding area, please report them to the Caretaker if on site or Agent, Belmont Property Management, Daniell House, Falmouth Road, Truro, Cornwall, TRI 2HX (telephone 01872 260606) as soon as possible.
  10. No notices of any description shall be placed upon the exterior of the building or in any windows of the apartments.
  11. No clothing, linen or other laundered articles, mats, rugs or carpets shall be hung or exhibited in any apartment or from the windows thereof, or on the balconies or exhibited in such a matter as to be visible from the exterior of the premises.
  12. No curtains or window drapes or such like shall be hung at the windows thereof which in the opinion of the Directors shall be unsuitable as being not in the keeping or out of character with the use of the estate.
  13. No occupier shall make or allow any person or persons or child or children under his control to make undue noise in or about the premises or any part of the building.
  14. All residents to be mindful of not passing the door entry codes to anyone.
  15. On no account are barbeques of any kind allowed on the balconies of flats nor, under the Council's by law, on the northern end of Porthmeor beach between the Island and the far end of the Surf School.

By order of Belmont Property Management as Agents for Piazza Barnaloft Co Ltd
Re-issued February 2014